Producer Update: Cafe Brisa Serena Timor-Leste

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“Producer Update: Cafe Brisa Serena Timor-Leste”

While last year brought many changes, we’re glad to be able to continue relationships with producers and exporters; especially those we feel like we’re just getting to know. Cafe Brisa Serena Timor-Leste is one of our newest partners, but they’ve been doing some very impressive work around transparency and sustainability in one of the youngest nations on the planet. Not only that, their focus on technical assistance has helped producers achieve higher quality year over year. I contacted Armando de Araújo to get an update on their project with Peace Winds Japan, and to get more detail about the lots we received from them this year.

As an aside, we had planned to meet for SCA last year, as well as to host Jonia Leite Soares, their Business Development Manager as part of a program through the American Council for Education, but clearly COVID-19 had other things planned for us.. read on for more detail on her contributions to Cafe Brisa Serena as well!

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